Why We Need Your Help

Why We Need Your Help


Because of supporters like you, SCORE can offer services to small business owners at no expense to them. However, it does take funding to provide the most up to date resources for mentors, to make sure we can offer our services in communities all over the United States – and even to keep the lights on at local chapters.

Every day in America, these small business owners walk onto the field and compete, putting it all out there, taking the risk, and following their dreams. And as they succeed, they make our economy the most vibrant in the world. But they can’t do it without expert help and support. Business owners – our fellow American citizens – need SCORE, and that’s why we need you.

There are a number of initiatives you can lend your support to that directly impact chapters across the country:

  • Business owners and mentors need refreshed educational materials.
  • Technology updates and upgrades will make mentoring more efficient.
  • Underserved communities could receive outreach from SCORE volunteers with support for operations and transportation expenses.
  • More veterans and underrepresented populations should have access to SCORE assistance.
  • Recruiting new volunteers and providing training is necessary to accommodate the growing number of small business owners needing mentors.

Learn about ways to accomplish your philanthropic goals and support small businesses in America.

Your support helps make sure small business owners have access to the skills and experience of expert mentors as well as the materials they need to get a solid start to their business.

That’s more people waking up every morning excited to go to work. Gaining new skills. Rising to the challenge. Taking control of their lives. Doing what they love.