Our Mission

Our Mission

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs establish and grow their small business – that’s what SCORE is here to do.

To accomplish this mission, SCORE provides no-charge mentoring to more than 350,000 small business owners each year.

Our expert volunteer mentors share their experiences to help the next generation of business owners. Everything from the nuts and bolts of putting a business together to the elation of seeing it lift off from the runway, taking flight.

It takes a lot to support mentors and small business owners, and that’s where The SCORE Foundation comes in.

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of SCORE, and supports its mission by raising non-federal funds to:

  • Provide resources that enable SCORE volunteers to support small business owners as they live their dreams – at no cost to them.
  • Create and distribute educational content to all SCORE chapters that clients use to build their businesses.
  • Use new technology, such as video mentoring, to help SCORE reach out to and work in underserved communities.
  • Partner with leading corporations that are dedicated to helping the small business sector thrive.

Your support of small business owners through The SCORE Foundation provides resources to men and women to begin their entrepreneurial journey, just like veteran Tom McMahon. Watch the video with his story above.