Success Stories

Success StoriesBecause of people like you, small business owners and SCORE mentors share in the rewarding feeling that success brings. Take a look at some of the amazing results of these relationships!

Making a difference, one Benji Bar at a time

Julie Maddox knew there were more people out there like her diabetic son who needed better solutions for healthy nutrition. She had her “why,” but when she paired up with SCORE mentor, Bill Heitz, the “how” produced some amazing results.

Creating job opportunities for talented individuals

She saw a problem and made it her job to create employment opportunities for individuals with differences in cognitive abilities. “It really bothered me the wasted talent that was available,” says Lindsey Haaser, CEO and Founder of Advocations. See how her SCORE mentors, Chuck Sawicki and Adriana McLane, helped her to make a difference for others.

Sharing the bounty of healthy eating

Knowing how hard it was to find vegan food and products in their community, Sharon Lu and her partners decided to start a company that would be the go-to for those needs. Along with her SCORE mentor, Mitchell Grunat, she learned strategies that benefitted her business. Watch the video to see their story.