Giving Back Stories

Giving Back StoriesSCORE mentors choose to give back with their time, talent and money. Thank you to every SCORE mentor!

Gerard L. Glenn, Lancaster SCORE

“What is my SCORE Giving Back Story? Helping my community. Helping the individuals who want to start or grow a business. When I help them, when we help them, it is very fulfilling.”

Celia Bell, Austin SCORE

“I’m thrilled to be part of this. I love being a mentor! When I sold my last business, I knew it was time to give back…that’s why I became a SCORE volunteer. As a volunteer, I now know how important it is to help SCORE clients create their own stories of small business success.”

Mark Lowenstein, Cape Cod SCORE

“I’ve been a SCORE volunteer for seven years, and this is a terrific opportunity to motivate clients to tell their success stories with SCORE about starting a business … breaking out and living their dreams … succeeding and helping others succeed.”

Alexis Hayes Courtney, Salt Lake City SCORE

“SCORE embraced me from day one! They opened their arms and said, “Come on in!” I appreciate the warm welcome I received. I’ve been a mentor for less than a year and I’m proud to be part of this organization…I’m really busy as a small business owner. But I’ve been given so much; I want to help others as I can.”

Jin Han, Los Angeles SCORE

“Giving back means to me sharing our resources. To spend time—the most valuable resource we have—with a purpose of supporting this mission. Helping small business and making sure they are successful.”

Barbara Coffin, Reading SCORE

“We have an ongoing desire to share knowledge of our own experiences with new businesses. About 60 percent of members are startups, and about 40 percent are existing companies. Many existing businesses are not aware they can call SCORE and network for business advice.”

Bill Ritter, Binghampton SCORE

“Giving back means to me, everything. My community has been ‘putting up’ with me for many years, and I felt I had learned a lot and it was time after I retired to give back, to teach people what I learned in the industry and also help people as I did when I was working.”

Gene Wolf, Monmouth SCORE

“I was just asked why we do this, and I spoke to someone the other day and I gave them the same answer – it just makes us all feel good!”

Larry Grossman, Northern Arizona SCORE

“Giving back is important to me. It means giving back to the community– the small business community– that helped me in my lifetime. I started five different companies and I really needed help…and now that I’ve done it and been there, I want to give back to the community. That’s why I joined SCORE.”

Mark Rothenberg, Rockland County SCORE

“I’ve always been involved with small business in a variety of ways. I see SCORE as a way for me to help small businesses and our communities because all of our communities are really based on upon the growth of small businesses. It is the backbone of our economy. Ive always felt that if I believe in something, I support it wholeheartedly with my mind and my money.”

Michael Gilman, Syracuse SCORE

“Giving back is all my life. It really honestly is the bread of what we are. By paying it forward, so much more comes back to me and to everybody here. It’s such a great feeling to give back to people”

Michael Scotto, Orlando SCORE

“Giving back makes me feel good. It really, really makes me feel good to see people who had a passion and an understanding about what they wanted to achieve…and you are helping them get there. Especially when they succeed.”

Norman Paige, Midlands SCORE

“I see a wonderful opportunity to expand the work of SCORE by sharing some of my own personal resources beyond my time as a volunteer,” Norman said. “If we all work together and set an example for others, then many others can and will become involved.”

Peter Fong, Central Valley SCORE

“Giving back have several definitions and I think with a lot of volunteers, it is the joy of giving. I think you can find that DNA in any SCORE volunteer across the country.”

Terry Walter, Mount Vernon Ohio Satellite SCORE

“I believe SCORE is a great organization providing assistance, encouragement and being good listeners to people who meed our assistance. Im proud to be part if the organization and hopefully will be part if it for a long time to come.”

William Ferguson

“Upon retirement, the need to advise and be in a position where people come to you because of your superior knowledge on certain subjects didn’t just go away the next day. Soon thereafter, coming to my rescue, I found an ad in our local paper – a SCORE ad, asking for volunteers.”

Dave Verrill, Reading SCORE

“My community is important to me and helping people is what I do. My goal in life, whether when growing up in Maine has always been to be the leader of the pack, be the best you can be…I always wanted to demonstrate that hard work can achieve success.”

Thom Shipley, Greater Baltimore SCORE

“Thomas R. (Thom) Shipley, Ed.D., serves as Entrepreneur in Residence and SCORE counselor at the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore. He began counseling there in August of 2014. Previously, he was a SCORE counselor at the Small Business Resource Center on 33rd Street in Baltimore.”

​Herb Douglas

“​By helping smart, hardworking people and challenging them to reach out, we can have successful people who will create jobs and make others successful…we are the catalyst to help people build their lives and the lives of others.”

Philip Reck

“There are numerous ways to be a productive member at SCORE. Mentoring clients is key, however, growing membership, fund raising, administration, etc., are all important as well.”